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It's well known in the industry that window treatment professionals are always concerned about quoting window treatment projects. Their biggest fear is that they under estimate the materials needed and cannot complete their project on time and without additional expense.

Their second biggest fear is that they under price their projects and will have to absorb the costs for the additional labor and materials required to complete their projects.

This is a real concern! Most designers, decorators and workrooms professionals labor over the quoting process and find it the most frustrating part of selling window treatments. With each new project there is the concern that they will let their customer down by estimating incorrectly.

In fact, the daunting task of providing yardage and labor estimates is the number one reason why so many designers sell little or no window treatments at all! They are so overwhelmed with the estimating and quoting process that they have completely removed themselves from selling soft window treatments at all.

The drapery workroom professional is also overwhelmed with this process. In fact, the lack of growth that many smaller workrooms experience is a direct result of their inability to generate accurate quotes for their customer's in a timely manner.

Let's have a look at how the quoting process effects the window treatment professional.


With some encouragement from you, your customer has made the decision to spend their hard earned money on window treatments. Their next question is, "How much?" To answer this question, you must compile a quotation that includes both labor and materials and review it with your customer.

The longer it takes for you to provide this quotation to the customer, the less confidant your customer becomes in you. Each and every day that passes reduces your chance of closing the sale. Knowing this, you get to work. You contact your workroom for pricing, or maybe refer to your charts, graphs, patterns, or books that you own. As always, you are nervous and concerned about under estimating the materials needed. You check your charts again and again and hesitantly assemble your quote.

Because you are not 100% certain about your calculations, you add a few yards of fabric, a few extra yards of lining, and a few yards of trim to be safe! You guessed at the workrooms labor price because you are not exactly sure how to interpret their price book. You called the workroom but they are busy fabricating projects and could not get back to you immediately.

A few days have passed, maybe even a week, and you submit your estimate to your customer. The price is considerably higher than the customer's budget, so says the customer. They decide to hold off on the project.

Needless to say, you are very dissapointed! You've spent a lot of time on this customer. You are not sure if you lost the job because of price, or maybe the customer lost confidence because it took so long to get them a quote. You think about the old saying that you must strike while the iron is hot and wonder what you could have done better to close this sale.

Although having a relationship with your client gives you a distinct advantage, in the end, if your customer feels that the sales process was not to their satisfaction, or your price is out of line, they will walk away every time!

You think to yourself that you need a way to provide quotes quickly, and with confidence! You need a way to reduce or eliminate the padding and cushion that you build into each job for labor and materials that drive the cost of your projects up. You need a way to have a competitive edge that will help you close the sale!


eYarder.com is the answer to your problem. Using a personal computer (PC or Mac) and an Internet connection, you can provide instant, accurate on-demand window treatment yardage and pricing for many of today's most popular window treatments.

With a login name and password, you can access yardage and labor pricing in an instant! You can provide quotes to your customer's while you are at their home - in an instant - without having to be concerned with yardage and pricing calculations.

Because eYarder.com makes precise calculations, you will not have to add "padding" to your yardage and labor calculations - resulting in lower prices for your customers! Our competitors generate calculations that fall within a range and result in less accurate calculations and higher pricing.

Lower prices and quick turn around on your estimates will result in more sales and higher profits!

Quote with confidence using eYarder.com. There is no software to install, nothing to download, and is accessible from anywhere you are!

Sign up today for a free 7 day trial membership. There are no credit cards required, no software to install, and nothing to download!

Get the competitve advantage and Quote With Confidence.


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